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Axum  Defense - Division Internationale

" International High Security "

Since 2006 (ex  S. A. S. international ltd. ©)



Security is  today  a  major  concern. Unfortunately, some nations are unable to guarantee their  own  defense  effectively. Nations  and  even the most powerful, are now  facing  massive budget cuts and increasingly stringent.

Parallel to  this, conflicts  are multiplying, with terrorism becoming more extensive, but also the phenomena of  sea piracy and the growing insecurity even within States, as many crises to  manage  resources  more  weaker.

The use of private  defense units is nothing new. Indeed, the  use  of these units is increasing and assists  that  make  its  worth.  And  whether to go back even further in time, the  praise  would not fail. It's a fact of private  units  working, legally  and illegally.  We  strive  to  respect  the  rules  even more restrictive. Our Franco-American  form  allows us to offer services and actual performance, while  complying with legal frameworks. We support the administration  of  defense, but  also companies  and  associations.

Our specialities



Escort on land  and  sea, the possible  of the highest level full protection, with the provision of vehicles and specialist teams.

Accompanying sea, onboard or remotely possible, etc.

Site Protection

Site protection, land  and sea, the possibility of fortifying and upgrading for  increased protection and high technology.

Filter to access, patrols, etc.

Mine Clearance

Demining mechanised and robotic.

No direct human intervention, minimum risk.

Advanced systems for quality work, high accuracy, the combination of techniques allows very efficient.

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Axum Defense - Division ECOWAS  Niamey, Niger
Axum Defense - Division CEMEAC  Yaounde, Cameroun
Axum Defense - Division Internationale  Montpellier, France
Axum Defense - Division ECOWAS  Cotonou, Benin
Drone surveyor
Mechanised mine clearance